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Quit selling yourself short with grocery-store brands. Delta Blues Rice is a single-variety, family-farm-grown, minimally processed product straight from the rich soil of the Mississippi Delta. This is not your typical brand of brown rice. Delta Blues whole-grain brown rice is mild, nutty and flavorful - our customers say it's the best brown rice on the shelf.

Growing the best brown rice in the United States was not an overnight process. The secret to perfectly pure and delicious rice has been passed down in our family for generations, delighting home cooks and restaurant chefs through the years. Brown rice nutrition is as nourishing as the Mississippi Delta's soil, and its taste as soulful as the Blues music that was born there. It's no wonder that Southern Living named Delta Blues the Best Rice in the 2016 Southern Living Food Awards, while Garden & Gun called Delta Blues the overall Food category winner in the 2016 Made in the South Awards. Simply put: This is the best brown rice you can buy.

Treat yourself to a bag of Delta Blues Rice today. This isn't just a pantry staple - our customers gift our rice to their friends, family and neighbors. It's just that good.

25 lb and 40 lb bulk rice is packaged in a 2-mil bag that is protected by a sturdy box. For foodservice orders, please contact us for additional pricing options.

Brown Rice has a rating of 4.9 stars based on 168 reviews.