White Rice Grits

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If you grew up in the South, you grew up eating grits. Corn grits that is! Rice grits, aka rice middlins, can be a breakfast, lunch, and dinner staple in every Southern kitchen. What you may not know is not all grits are created equal. Grown, milled, and harvested from the rich soil of the Mississippi Delta, Delta Blues Rice grits are the finest rice grits in America.  This product is the perfect side dish for rich sauces and a variety of other dishes. Its uses are limitless. 

You might be hesitant to buy grits online, but we can tell you what makes Delta Blues quick-cooking grits so good. Named best food in Garden & Gun Magazine's Made in the South contest, Delta Blues grits come from a single-variety crop that is carefully harvested and packaged to preserve freshness. When you open a bag of Delta Blues grits, you are truly getting a homegrown product, straight from our single-family-owned farm. This is not a typical grocery store item. We take pride in each and every crop that we grow. Our customers will tell you that Delta Blues Rice is by far the best rice on the shelf.


25 lb and 40 lb bulk rice is packaged in a 2-mil bag that is protected by a sturdy box. For foodservice orders, please contact us for additional pricing options.

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