Breakfast Grits

Breakfast Grits

2 cloves garlic, minced
½ tablespoon olive oil
1 cup rice grits
2 cups water
6 ounces evaporated milk
1 egg
1 tsp hot sauce
1 tsp ground mustard
8 ounces extra-sharp cheddar cheese *
4 ounces white American cheese, cut into cubes (make sure to use the kind from the deli department, not the pre-sliced kind)
½ tablespoon cornstarch
4 Tablespoons butter, cut into 2 pieces


1. Heat pot over medium heat and add in olive oil. When oil is shimmering, add in garlic and saute for about 30 seconds. Pour in rice and saute about two minutes, making sure that all grains are coated in oil. Pour in two cups of water and increase heat. Bring the water to boil, stir, reduce heat to low, and cover and simmer until water is absorbed and rice grits are tender, about 15 minutes.

2. While grits are cooking, whisk together the evaporated milk, egg, hot sauce, and mustard. Toss cornstarch with the cheeses in a large bowl until all of the cheese is coated.

3. When the rice grits are cooked, add in the butter and stir until melted. Add the milk mixture and cheese mixture and cook, stirring constantly, until the cheeses are completely melted and the mixture is hot and creamy. Season to taste.

*A combination of cheeses may be used instead of 8 ounces of cheddar. A mixture of cheddar and smoked gouda or another cheese such as Fontina, Gruyere, or Monterey Jack may be used.

photo by Jennifer Johnson | The Coastal Table