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Long Grain Rice


Try our signature product straight from the farm to your table. This rice was so beloved by our family and friends that it launched a business. Chefs and home cooks alike love the delicious flavor of our rice. It is the highest quality and is identity preserved (one single variety) so that you get a full, rich flavor and consistent cooking characteristics. Try it out, and you will taste the Delta Blues Rice difference.

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Brown Rice


Delta Blues Brown Rice is not your average brown rice and is sure to be a deliciously healthy addition to your menu. It has a mild, nutty flavor that people love. Brown rice comes from leaving the bran on the rice grain, which gives it added nutritional value.

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Rice Grits


Delicious and versatile, our grits are made in small batches and milled for freshness. Grits, AKA middlins, are broken pieces of rice that have a creamy texture when cooked. This product is the perfect side dish for rich sauces and a variety of other dishes. Its uses are limitless.

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The Arant Family
The Arant Family

About Delta Blues Rice


Delta Blues Rice is grown, artisan milled, and packaged in small batches. Our rich soil has given birth to both agriculture and the Blues, feeding both the body and soul of our country.


We are a multi-generational family farm that has been operating continuously in the Mississippi Delta for over 90 years.

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